Touristic Places

Arequipa is Peru's second most populous city. The climate is dry in winter, autumn and spring. The city has 300 days of sunshine per year on average.


Main Square

The main square of Arequipa is a sample of Spanish colonial architecture.


Convent of Santa Catalina

The Monastery of Private Nuns of the Order of Santa Catalina de Siena - original name - is a small citadel built in clay and sillar with magnificent fresco paintings that occupy an area of ​​20 thousand square meters and is divided into four neighborhoods. It was an absolute closing convent until 1970 , when the nuns decide to live in community and leave their cloisters to be visited by tourists.


Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon is a canyon with a depth of 3,270 metres (10,730 ft) in the Colca River in southern Peru, located about 160 kilometres (99 mi) northwest of Arequipa. It is Peru's third most-visited tourist destination with about 150,000 visitors annually.


Colca Valley

Provides incredible closeup views of majestic Andean condors soaring in their natural habitat.


Cotahuasi Canyon

Is in the La Union Province and it is thought to be the deepest canyon in the world.