Keynote Speakers

LASCAS 2021 gathers a remarkable group of distinguished speakers.


Keynote: "Our Brain and Heart are Made of Memristors Poised Near an Edge of Chaos"


This talk presents a stunning new discovery which reveals the complex nonlinear dynamics of the human brain and heart is based on locally-active memristors operating near an edge of chaos domain of less than 2 micro Amperes . Yet this diminutive Goldilocks zone is structurally stable , thereby providing a new thermodynamic basis for human intelligence , and stable heart beat , anchored upon the foundation of a surreal 3D-surface dubbed the Hodgkin-Huxley magic roof.


Leon Chua is the inventor of the memristor, the Chua Circuit, and the Cellular Neural Network . His papers were cited more than 80,000 times , and has an h-index of 125 , as of 04/08/2020 . He is a recipient of 17 Docteur Honoris Causa from major European Universities and from Japan. He was elected a member of the Academia Europaea , and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences . Most recently , he was awarded the 2019 IEEE EDS Celebrated Member Award (the highest honor from the IEEE Electron Devices Society ) , and the 2020 Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics . For more details , see the News Article in the IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, Vol. 20, Number 2, 2020.